New Micronation Founded by Czech Activist

“Liberland” proclaimed in the no-man’s land between Croatia and Serbia

Due to the border dispute between Croatia and Serbia, various parcels of land along the Danube River have been left unclaimed by either nation, falling into the status of “Terra nullius”, or no man’s land.

One of those parcels has now been claimed: Vít Jedlička, a member of the Czech Eurosceptic political party Free Citizen’s Party (Strana svobodných občanů) has founded Liberland on a seven square-kilometer piece of land on the West bank of the Danube. 

Liberland, founded on April 13, has its own flag, coat of arms and capital city of Liberpolis, where Jedlička planted a flag in front of a modest domicile in a ceremony on Monday. 

A constitution is currently in the works. Jedlička plans to send an official diplomatic note to both Croatia and Serbia, and later to other states with a formal request for international recognition. 

One of the most famous micronations is the Principality of Sealand, an unrecognized state founded on an abandoned offshore platform. 

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Liberland currently has seven citizens, but has already received hundreds of applications for citizenship. 

Interested in becoming a citizen of Liberland? You can apply for citizenship via email at, along with the requirements found at their website. According to the site, Liberland welcomes anyone who have “respect for other people and respect the opinions of others” and do not “have communist, nazi or other extremist past.”


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