Game of Thrones' coveted Iron Throne

Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the new ruler of Westeros

All hail the the new head of Westeros, the official handle of the Czech Ministry told its followers on social media earlier today

Warning: spoilers for Game of Thrones’ series finale below

The final episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones aired in the Czech Republic last night, introducing a new ruler for the six kingdoms of Westeros.

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And the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, acknowledging Game of Thrones’ incredible popularity both in the Czech Republic and worldwide, took the opportunity to officially welcome the new leader of Westeros and salute the end of a decade-long civil war in the kingdom.

Warning – – last chance to bail before GoT spoilers.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the end of the long-standing civil war in Westeros,” the Ministry stated via their official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“We see Brandon Stark as a positive step towards strengthening the stability of the kingdom and improving the living conditions of the population.”

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While many fans were expecting Jon Snow (Kit Harington) or Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) to sit on the Iron Throne by the series finale, Brandon Stark was a something of a surprise.

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Hopefully, the Ministry’s fans on social media caught the final episode of Game of Thrones before reading their Facebook post.

Given that Bran is now the all-knowing and seemingly-benevolent Three-Eyed Raven, he makes for a positive choice to lead Westeros forward – something the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs took the time to appreciate.

Of course, one does wonder just what Brandon might be able to see about Czech leaders like President Miloš Zeman and Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

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