Czech Mobile Data Among Most Expensive in EU

Mobile data in the Czech Republic is 40 times more expensive than in neighboring Poland, according to a new study

How much data can you get for €35?

Operators in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, the United Kingdom, and Ireland all offer unlimited plans for €35 or less, according to a new study of the EU’s mobile operators by Digital Fuel Monitor. 

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Operators in Estonia, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, and Slovenia also have competitive rates, with each offering plans that give customers 20 GB or more for €35.

Here in the Czech Republic, however, the most data you’ll be getting for the equivalent of €35 (roughly 950 CZK) is a measly 2.5 GB – among the worst rates in the EU.

And that 2.5 GB is from Vodafone. Via O2 or T-Mobile, you’ll max out at 1.5.

That’s among the worst rates in the EU; only operators in Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and Malta charge more for mobile data.

What’s surprising here is the disparity between pricing for the same product by the same operators throughout the EU.

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The study specifically compared Finland, where €35 will get you unlimited data, and Germany, where the same cost will net you 4 GB.

Unsurprisingly, the average Finn consumes 9.7 GB of mobile data per month, while the average German nets only 0.59 GB. 

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