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Czech mobile tariff revolution? Vodafone also debuts unlimited data plan

Just days after T-Mobile’s summer-only unlimited data offer, competitor Vodafone has unveiled plans for a more

Just days after T-Mobile became the first Czech mobile operator to offer an unlimited data plan with a summer-only special deal for its clients, a major competitor has unveiled their own unlimited data plans.

Czech mobile operator Vodafone officially debuted an unlimited data offer last Friday, and their solution is a more permanent one than T-Mobile that will outlast the end-of-summer end date.

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Of course, there’s also a catch.

In Vodafone’s case, the catch is fairly significant: the offer for unlimited data is available only for customers that also have a fixed home internet connection from Vodafone, and only available for “family plan” customers that have two or more numbers under the same plan.

Additionally, the maximum speed of the unlimited data will be capped at 5 Mb/s, which should still be sufficient to stream HD video.

A fixed home internet connection from Vodafone runs from 399 crowns per month, while the family plan can run from 599 crowns per number (for four or more numbers) up to 999 crowns per number (for two numbers).

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That means the minimum an unlimited data plan from Vodafone will cost is 2397 crowns, but it will also come with a fixed internet connection and two mobile numbers that boast unlimited data.

For families with four mobile numbers, the rate is even better: a total of 2795 crowns per month for a fixed landline and four numbers with unlimited data, or roughly 700 crowns per number.

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While that rate is nearly revolutionary on the Czech market, only families, companies, or groups of friends will be able to take advantage of it. For single-number customers, Vodafone has not released a comparable offer for unlimited data.

While T-Mobile and Vodafone dive head-first into the unlimited data waters this summer, competitor O2 has yet to unveil their plans. Still, the company has hinted that they have something big in the works.

“We are about to introduce a revolutionary change in mobile tariffs, which will be much more responsive to customer data needs,” O2 spokeswoman Lucie Jungmannová told Česká televize.

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Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš took credit for the unlimited data offer from T-Mobile, but the company later rebuked his statements. Vodafone has preemptively denied that their new tariffs have been the result of government talks.

With all the major Czech operators enacting (or planning) changes in their mobile data services, which are currently among the most expensive in Europe, they may be doing so in preparation for a market shakeup as soon as next year.

Later in 2019, the Czech Telecommunications Office will auction off new 5G bands in an effort to attract another major mobile operator to the Czech market, something that could have some wide-ranging ramifications for current providers.

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