Czech Model Brings Down Plane with Cat Tantrum

Czech Model Brings Down Plane with Cat Tantrum

A Twitter profile describes her as a “Tropic Beauty Model, SwimsuitUSA World Finalist 2013, and Miss Multiverse CZ.”

Now, Žaneta Hučíková is in the custody of US immigration after an onboard fight over her “comfort cat” caused an emergency landing escorted by two fighter jets.

On Friday night, Hučíková boarded a Condor Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Frankfurt.

According to statements from witnesses, she apparently managed to sneak a cat with her in her purse without knowledge of the airline crew.

Mid-flight, cabin crew became aware of the cat and removed the feline from Hučíková, placing it in a lavatory.

“That lady wasn’t happy with the crew putting their cat in the lavatory and then everything went wrong. She started screaming and shouting in the back,” according to passenger Fritz Peterson.

“She said that she was part of the mafia and that the mafia follows her around the world and that she was able to bring the plane down if that needed to be the case if she couldn’t see her cat,” passenger Dashenka Giraldo told ABC News. 

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A Tweet from Giraldo also indicated that Hučíková punched a stewardess.

After the alleged verbal and physical altercation with Hučíková, two F-16 fighter jets were deployed to escort the aircraft to an emergency landing in Denver.

“I think this woman was (mentally) ill — not silly, but crazy reaction because (mentally) ill,” passenger Inge Mueller said in a CBS news report.

Hučíková is a model who, according to information on her Facebook page, attended Charles University in Prague. Photos of her in competition can also be viewed on Facebook.

Photo: Facebook / Zaneta Hucikova
Photo: Facebook / Zaneta Hucikova

The 34-year-old will not face charges for the incident, but she is currently being detained by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for overstaying her tourist visa.

She is still separated from her cat, who is being held in federal custody.

Photo: Facebook / Zaneta Hucikova
Photo: Facebook / Zaneta Hucikova

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