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Czech notaries prepared a record number of prenuptial agreements in 2019

Czech notaries prepared a premarital agreement for 10.891 couples in 2019, an increase of 260 over the previous year

Prague, Jan 16 (CTK) – Notaries prepared a premarital agreement for 10.891 couples in 2019, an increase by 260 since the previous year, the largest number since records started in 2014, the Notarial Chamber of the Czech Republic informed CTK today.

According to the chamber, marital and premarital agreements are no longer a sign of distrust and are not specific to young generations.

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“People prepare marital agreements mainly to protect themselves from being accountable for any debts accrued by their partner,” Notarial Chamber of the Czech Republic president Radim Neubauer said.

Already married couples usually prepare an agreement in cases where one of them is starting a business and does not want a possible lack of success to impact their family members, especially children.

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“A marital agreement clearly states which property belongs to which partner in case the marriage ends in divorce. It is thus superordinate to the matrimonial property regime,” Neubauer said.

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Agreements of this kind can only address property and property relations and the list of names of those who signed such agreements is available through the Notarial Chamber.

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