Czech Pirate leader Ivan Bartoš spoke at the event (Bartoš in November 2018 via Flickr / Pirátská strana)

Czech Pirate Party holds Prague protest against Turkish invasion of Syria

Ivan Bartoš called the Turkish plans for northern Syria a breach of international law and welcomed the Czech Chamber of Deputies' decision to officially condemn the Turkish act of aggression

Prague, Oct 21 (CTK) – Several hundred people met at Prague’s Palackého Square to protest against the Turkish invasion of Syria today, with speakers at the Pirates-organised event criticising the EU and the US for their stance on the situation and pointed to the casualties of the military operation.

The organisers said that about 300 people arrived to Palackeho Square, where citizens can hold protests without notifying the authorities. CTK estimates there were over 200 persons present.

Some protesters carried flags in support of a free Kurdistan, others held up signs denouncing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Attendees could sign a petition condemning the military operation.

The protest was organised by the Pirates party, with party chairman Ivan Bartoš among the speakers.

Bartoš called the Turkish plans for northern Syria a breach of international law and welcomed the Czech Chamber of Deputies’ decision to officially condemn the Turkish act of aggression, as well as the decision to halt all Czech arms sales to Turkey.

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He also reminded that PM Andrej Babis (ANO) should, according to the Chamber of Deputies’ decision, act in support of economic-political measures at the level of European Union policy.

“Halting arms sales is not enough during such an acute situation. Let us not forget that the Kurds were our key ally in the fight against the so-called Islamic State,” Bartoš said.

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Pirates MEP Mikulas Peksa said he feels shame for the way Europe is handling the situation, adding that the EU should face what is happening in Syria.

Peksa said he demands the end of all talks about Turkey joining the EU.

The former chairman of the Kurdish Civic Association in the Czech Republic, Raschid Khalil, called the events in Syria a “live broadcast of genocide.”

Khalil criticised United States President Donald Trump, saying he back-stabbed the Kurds.

At the same time, he underlined that the US placed sanctions on certain Turkish institutions while Europe took no such steps.

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Khalil emphasised that Kurdish blood is spilled due to the approach of Kurdish allies to the situation, including the Czech Republic. He welcomed the public’s support.


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