Czech Police Arrest Naked Biker

Officers in Havířov have booked a 73-year-old biker who drove through the city wearing only a helmet

Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words.

Earlier this year, a man in Kladno went on a terrifying nude rampage while claiming to be a werewolf. 

Last month, a Přerov left a restaurant in the buff after not being able to pay his tab and leaving his clothes behind as collateral

Not to be outdone, a 73-year-old man in Havířov went for a motorcycle ride wearing nothing but his helmet (hey, better safe than sorry), reports Týdeník Policie

Police officers in the town, in the Moravia-Silesia region, were surprised to notice the “quite nude” biker. But when they attempted to apprehend the man, he sped away.

The officers were then prevented from pursuing the suspect by a passing Audi, but they managed to catch the septuagenarian after he mishandled the bike and crashed.

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The unusual case is currently being dealt with by Havířov police. Next year, the suspect may want to join Prague’s Naked Bike Ride instead of causing a stir in Moravia.

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