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Czech police uncover extensive sale of drugs through the Darknet from Czech Republic

Prague, Jan 22 (CTK) – The police National Drug Centre (NPC), in cooperation with customs officers and the Post Office, has uncovered two cases of extensive drugs sales through the Darknet hidden part of Internet from the Czech Republic to the whole world, NPC chief Jakub Frydrych told reporters today.

The perpetrators were sending kilos of drugs monthly to customers all over the world, he added.

The police detained the perpetrators during two operations code-named Airbus and Komp. In the first case, they arrested a group of five persons aged 25 to 28 years, and then one person.

Within the Airbus operation, the gang was buying drugs abroad, mainly in Belgium and Netherlands and smuggled them to the Czech Republic via private courier companies.

Then they sold a part of the drugs in the Czech Republic and offered the rest on the virtual market through Darknet to the whole world, including the United States, Australia and Russia, using the Czech Post national postal operator’s services.

Two perpetrators primarily focused on the offer and mediation of the transactions on Darknet, while the rest of the group dealt with the drug distribution among end customers.

The police are now investigating what amount of drugs the group sold and how much they thereby earned, Frydrych said.

This is why he refused to speculate about the exact amount, but he mentions kilos a month. As they were sending the drugs in a quite small amount they had to deliver dozens of consignments a week, he added.

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