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Czech Post increases prices for sending packages from March

Instead of weight, the Czech postal service will now charge by size for packages mailed within the Czech Republic

Currently, Czech Post charges for the shipment of packages based on weight. The lightest package, at up to two kilograms, costs 108 crowns, while the heaviest, at up to 50 kilograms, runs 239 crowns.

But that will change from March 1, 2019, when the Czech postal service will introduce a new system of fees for shipping packages.

Instead of weight, packages will now be charged by size, measured at their longest width.

The smallest package size, at up to 35 centimeters, will cost 109 crowns to send, while the largest size, at up to 240 centimeters, will run 339 crowns.

The new pricing system is an attempt to streamline the sending of packages within the Czech Republic; packages of irregular size, regardless of weight, often take extra time to process.

“It is inaccurate to say that the cost of sending parcels through the Czech Post is increasing. Some customers will save on sending packages,” Czech Post spokesperson Ivo Vysoudil told local media.

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While that may be technically accurate, the minimum cost of sending a package within the Czech Republic has risen by a crown, and the maximum by 100 crowns.

Vysoudil also described one welcome new feature for Czech Post customers.

“Additionally, we are introducing the so-called e-tag, which means the client can pre-fill address information in an app or on the web. The client saves time at the post office and gets a ten crown discount.”

The new pricing system is only for packages sent within the Czech Republic; packages shipped abroad will still be charged according to weight, as will letters and documents up to 2 kilograms mailed in the Czech Republic.

You can download a full breakdown of the new Czech Post pricing from their official website.

Despite the shifting price scale, sending packages within the Czech Republic is still relatively inexpensive through Czech Post.

Local customers will likely be happy to pay extra fees for packages if it means an improvement in service. One of the most common complaints regarding Czech Post is the failure to deliver packages to Prague addresses, instead leaving a note and requiring the customer to make a trek out to the post office even if they are home at the time.

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