Czech Post to Begin Evening Delivery

Not at home when your packages come? A new pilot program will offer evening delivery for a mere 1 CZK surcharge

Tired of not being home when you’re packages come, and having to schlep out to the post office during peak times to retrieve your bounty?

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Well, this new service from Czech Post might be just what you’re looking for, according to

Currently, the success rate of delivering a “package in hand” in the Czech Republic is only about 55%.

But Czech Post wants to up that to 90%. To achieve their goal, the Post will start a pilot program of evening deliveries beginning in September.

Package senders will be able to specify a time of delivery: either morning (08:00 – 14:00), afternoon (13:00 – 19:00), or evening (18:00 – 21:00).

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Package recipients with an online account with Czech Post will receive notification that they have a package on the way, and also be able to change the time of delivery online.

Morning and afternoon delivery will be available free of charge, with a token 1 CZK charge for the new evening delivery. 

The pilot program will be available in Prague and other large cities across the Czech Republic.

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This isn’t the first time Czech Post has tested evening delivery. A similar program was tested in 2010, but deemed to be costly and ineffective at the time.

The program will run through the end of October. If successful, Czech Post may extend the trial or implement the feature full-time, saving many an unnecessary trip to the post office.

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