Miloš Zeman at the Polish Senate in 2013 via Wikimedia / Michał Józefaciuk

Czech President Miloš Zeman leaves hospital for Lany chateau

Zeman, 75, was admitted to the Prague-Stresovice General Military Hospital (UVN) for a recondition stay on Thursday.

Prague, Oct 20 (CTK) – President Miloš Zeman was released from hospital after a four-day recondition stay this afternoon and then he left for his residence in the Lany chateau near Prague.

Zeman will give a speech on the state budget in the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday, his spokesman Jiri Ovcacek tweeted.

Zeman, 75, was admitted to the Prague-Stresovice General Military Hospital (UVN) for a recondition stay on Thursday.

The president was in a good condition today and he did not undergo any surgery in hospital, the UVN said.

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“The care focused on convalescence of a long-term overburdened organism. He [Zeman] underwent rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the movement stereotypes and was given an intensified diet,” UVN spokeswoman Jitka Zinke said on the website.

Ovcacek previously said Zeman’s hospitalisation was not connected with any acute or serious health problem.

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He justified the hospital stay, saying Zeman would like to be “absolutely fit” for the the October 28 national holiday celebrations. The president presents orders and medals to significant personalities on October 28, the Day of the Establishment of Independent Czechoslovakia in 1918.

Nova and Prima commercial televisions reported tonight that employees of a private security agency prevented the media cameramen from working during Zeman’s departure from hospital. According to a CTK correspondent, those were four men standing close to the reporters all the time and complicating their shooting and photographing of the scene by lifting caps and polystyrene foam boards.

There is a sign informing visitors that taking pictures is prohibited in the hospital complex.

Zeman told Barrandov TV that by going to hospital he has met the wish of his doctor, UVN director Miroslav Zavoral. “I have no serious troubles, it is a pretext for making me rest,” Zeman said.

Ovcacek said the president would undergo rehabilitation and infusion therapy, which had helped him in September. server writes that Zeman’s health documentation is strictly protected. This is why it is not available in an electronic form but is kept as paper files only. Moreover, the hospital management is checking the doctors who get access to the files, Blesk writes.

Zeman stayed at the hospital’s internal medicine ward these days, having a half of the floor at his disposal. However, no other patients had to be relocated because of him, Blesk adds.

Only doctors and his family were allowed to see Zeman in hospital.

Blesk also writes that Zeman had the hospital’s smoking room exclusively for himself, so other patients had to go smoking at the pathology ward.

Zeman underwent a several-hour examination in the UVN on September 24. Ovcacek described it as a regular medical checkup.

Afterwards, Zavoral told SeznamZpravy server that the doctors found no health problem with Zeman except for slight dehydration and “a certain fatigue.”

Zeman eventually said that due to dehydration, he was going to receive several infusions with a supply of minerals.

According to information from the Presidential Office, Zeman has problem walking due to polyfunctional neuropathy caused by diabetes. During his public appearances he sometimes looks fatigued. He suffers from low blood pressure and bad hearing. A chain smoker, he has reduced smoking for his health’s sake.


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