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Czech Republic among world’s safest countries to seek refuge during WWIII, says The Sun

The country’s strong ranking in last year’s Global Peace Index makes it a prime destination if the worst should come to Europe

Not to scaremonger or fan any fears, but UK tabloid The Sun has helpfully published a list of countries you might think of heading to should World War 3 suddenly break out, given the recent talks between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Il that were recently cut short in Vietnam.

You know, just in case that might be a sign of imminent nuclear annihilation.

Good news for local residents, though: the Czech Republic is among a few countries highlighted by The Sun as a safe haven for those seeking refuge during World War 3.

The Czech Republic is a prime destination if you happen to be in Eastern Europe when war breaks out, according to the UK tabloid.

“Unlike an increasing number of European countries, the Czech Republic has no recent history of terrorism, making it a safer option,” Harriet Mallinson writes.

“It’s improved in a number of areas ranging from political stability to personal security and international relations.”

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Elsewhere around the world, Canada, Austria, New Zealand, Denmark, Japan, and Singapore have been cited as other potentially safe countries to live out the end of times.

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The Sun’s “safe” countries are based on last year’s Global Peace Index, which ranked the Czech Republic as the 7th-safest nation in the world. Nuclear war wasn’t taken into consideration for those rankings, however, so YMMV.

If global nuclear war is indeed inevitable, that could spell trouble for most in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately for the Czech masses, the country only has room in its existing nuclear bunkers to house an estimated 10% of its total population.

That’s in stark opposition to, say, Switzerland, which has enough fallout shelters to protect its entire population.

If you’ve got the money, however, you can pony up to live out the end of the world in style at The Oppidum, a “billionaire bunker” with its own art gallery, cinema, and swimming pool located just outside of Prague.

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