Czech Republic Finishes 2016 Olympics in Rio with 10 Medals

Czech Republic Finishes 2016 Olympics in Rio with 10 Medals

As the 2016 Olympics came to a close over the weekend in Rio, the Czech Republic added a pair of medals to their total count to come away with 10 for the 2016 games – the same number they won in London in 2012.

Mountain Biker Jaroslav Kulhavý won the country its final medal on Sunday, taking home a silver in the men’s cross country race with a time of 1:34:18.

Earlier, the four-man Czech kayak team of Josef Dostál, Daniel Havel, Lukáš Trefil, and Jan Štěrba earned a bronze in the men’s kayak four 1000m.

Previously, Czech athletes took home gold from judoka Lukáš Krpálek, silver from kayaker Josef Dostál, and six bronzes, three from Czech tennis stars, one from rower Ondřej Synek, one from Barbora Špotáková (giving her the most medals of any female javelin thrower in Olympic history), and another from kayaker Jiří Prskavec for the canoe slalom

Since becoming the Czech Republic in 1993, the count of 10 medals is the country’s second-best after a tally of 11 at the 1996 games in Atlanta. As Czechoslovakia, the country won 14 medals in Tokyo in 1964 and Moscow in 1980.

In terms of the country’s total population, the Czech Republic won 9.48 medals per 10 million people – that places them at 21st on the table of Olympic medals per capita, according to this Business Insider article that ranks Grenada and their single medal first.

But take all countries with a population of over 10 million (I’m really stretching here) and the Czech Republic would come in fifth behind Australia, the UK, Cuba, and Kazakhstan.

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