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Czech Republic expected to close all shopping centers within the next 10 days

According to Czech Deputy Minister of Health Roman Prymula, a decision on closing Czech shopping centers will come in the next 10 days

In addition to the unprecedented travel restrictions that the Czech Republic will enforce from Monday, March 16, Czech officials continue to look at ways of slowing the spread of coronavirus within the country itself.

Currently, all gyms, wellness, and entertainment facilities, including cinemas, theaters, galleries, and museums, are closed to the public. Opening hours for restaurants will be restricted from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. in an attempt to limit the amount of social time people spend at public venues.

And according to Czech Deputy Minister of Health Roman Prymula in an interview with Radio Z today, a decision on closing all shopping centers in the Czech Republic will come within the next 10 days.

Currently, food courts have been closed across Czech supermarkets in an attempt to reduce large accumulations of people in a single space, while individual shops remain open. But that could change soon.

The decision comes as shopping centers have become a meeting point for children after schools were closed for the indefinite future.

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“What we are dealing with the most at the moment is the question of those large shopping centers, because it turns out that when school is cancelled, youths unfortunately go to these malls,” Prymula told Radio Z.

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“And if we do not take drastic measures something can happen very quickly, we have actually managed to transfer children from school desks where they learned something to malls where they wander for x hours, and of course the risk is also quite high.”

According to Prymula, only supermarkets with direct street access would remain open within shopping centers so residents still have access to purchase groceries.

Shops and indoor areas of shopping centers, meanwhile, would be closed completely.

A decision on closing supermarkets within the Czech Republic is expected to come within the next 10 days, says Prymula.

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