Czech Republic Gets Sex Assistants for the Disabled

The country’s first workers of their kind will provide sexual aid and services for the physically and mentally handicapped

Five new “sexual assistants” are set to provide sex aid to the disabled in the Czech Republic from 2016, according to iDnes. While some will only provide consultation, others will “actively assist.” 

The assistants are part of a new initiative from Rozkoš bez rizika (Bliss without Risk), an organization that helps sex workers in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. 

Právo na sex (Right to Sex) aims to not only directly assist the physically and mentally handicapped in sexual areas, but also provide education on building and maintaining healthy sexual relationships. More information about the project can be found at this website

The country’s first five assistants received a certificate from Bliss without Risk last week, and are set to provide services starting in January. These assistants are female, but the organization may also train male aids in the future.

Clients will pay for their services, but a Code of Ethics among the assistants dictates a maximum price of 1,200 CZK.

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Similar programs have already been established in other European countries, including France, Germany, and Austria.

While prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic, so-called organized prostitution (brothels, pimping, etc.) is prohibited – though these laws aren’t always strictly enforced.

The new project, however, falls within the scope of the country’s legal framework.

“The sexual assistance project can be realized legally under current legislation,” the Ministry of the Interior’s Michal Šmíd said at a press conference, as reported by iDnes. “It will be in line with laws defining the criminal act of pimping.” 

Still, the unusual nature of the project is raising some eyebrows.

“The disabled have their pleasure assistants. An hour of sex costs 1,200 CZK,” reads a headline on Blesk.

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