Czech Republic Hit by Google Outage

For about 90 minutes last night, several Central European countries were affected by downtime from most Google services

The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and several other Central European locales were affected by a widespread Google outage yesterday evening, when popular services from the internet giant such as search, Gmail, and YouTube were unavailable.

A map of the Google downtime from revealed the issue to be centered around the Czech Republic. 

The outage lasted from approximately 20:30 until shortly before 22:00, though users reported problems with some services until later in the night.

Shortly before ten, spokesperson Alžběta Houzarová told that the problems had been resolved, but did not provide further details. 

“I am pleased to confirm that the complications have been resolved,” she said. “Complications took about 1.5 hours and the reason was technical.”

According to content delivery network’s Zdeněk Cendra, traffic to local Czech sites was drastically reduced due to the outage. 

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“According to our estimates, about 500 to 600 Gbps of traffic to the Czech internet disappeared,” he tweeted

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On Twitter, Cendra identified the problem as a routing error localized to the Czech Republic. This morning, he announced that Google confirmed it to be a bug in a Prague-based service that has since been corrected.

Google, however, has yet to make an official statement regarding the cause of the outage.

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