Czech Republic is the World’s Most Tolerant Country

Czech Republic is the World’s Most Tolerant Country

Controversial headline? Maybe. But according to a recent study, Czechs espouse the most tolerant attitudes towards some of the world’s most morally controversial topics. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Bloomberg naming the Czech Republic the most decadent country in the world. Here’s a study that, I think, puts a better spin on some similar opinion-based data.

In 2014, the Pew Research Center surveyed citizens of 40 countries across the globe on a number of different areas for their Global Views on Morality survey.

The study asked participants in each country their views on eight morally controversial subjects: extramarital affairs, gambling, homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex, alcohol use, divorce, and contraception use. 

Respondents were asked whether they found each subject morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or not a moral issue. 

Among the countries surveyed, more Czechs answered “morally acceptable” to half of the subjects than any other country. 

56% of Czechs found homosexuality morally acceptable, slightly higher than Spain (55%) and Germany (51%). Unsurprisingly, respondents in many Middle Eastern and African countries reported the opposite; 0% of respondents in Tunisia were OK with homosexuality. 

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Extramarital affairs aren’t exactly popular anywhere, but 17% of Czech respondents found them morally acceptable, followed by India (14%) and Chile (13%).

Premarital sex? 67% of Czechs found it morally acceptable, followed by Venezuela (61%) and Greece (59%). 0% of respondents in Pakistan said the same. 

More Czechs found abortion to be morally acceptable than those in other countries, too, at 49%. Japan (44%), Germany (43%), France (38%) and Spain (35%) were the only other countries to rate above 30%. In the US, only 17% of respondents found abortion to be morally acceptable.

Somewhat surprisingly, the country didn’t rate first in alcohol use – a whopping 66% of respondents in Japan found alcohol use morally acceptable. The Czech Republic came in second at 46%, which still seems pretty low. 

The country ranked highly in the remaining categories, too – 60% of Czechs found divorce morally acceptable (third behind Chile and Brazil), and 74% of Czechs found contraception use acceptable (fourth behind Venezuela, Brazil, and Chile). 

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Only in gambling did the country rate in the middle of the pack – 11% of Czechs found gambling to be morally acceptable, compared to 38% in Japan, 31% in France, and 25% in Germany and the US. 

You can view the full results of the study at this link

If you were to assign an overall “rating” to these numbers – like the Bloomberg study did when they named the Czech Republic the most decadent country – you would find that the Czech Republic leads all of the other countries surveyed by a significant margin. 

What do the numbers mean in aggregate?

I think I can say that the Czech Republic is the world’s most tolerant country. At least, going by these morally divisive topics. 

Dave Park

David Park was born and raised in Baltimore and has been living in the Czech Republic since 2009 after studying journalism in Prague. No stranger to controversial topics, feel free to comment on his articles and let him know how you *really* feel.

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