Czech Republic Named 5th Vainest Country in the World

New study finds that Czech women spend 5.8 hours per week on personal grooming, Czech men 4.3

Market research firm GfK recently conducted a survey that asked citizens of 22 countries how long they spend on personal grooming – bathing, shaving, dressing, hair, and make-up. 

The results found that women spend an average of almost 5 hours per week on personal grooming, while men come in at just over 3 hours.

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The study found that Italians spent the most time on personal grooming, at 5.5 hours per week. Citizens of Argentina, USA, and France came in next.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Czech Republic came in at number 5 out of the 22 countries surveyed, with citizens reporting an average of 5.1 hours per week on personal grooming. Women in the country spend of 5.8 hours per week, and men 4.3.

When asked what was a major reason they try to look their best, 76% of Czechs answered “to feel good about myself,” 49% answered “to please my partner,” and 41% responded “to set a good example for my children.”

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Infographic: Italians Spend The Most Time In Front Of The Mirror | Statista

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