Czech Republic #6 in 2016 Global Peace Index

The country moves up four positions in latest study to rank among the world’s safest nations

UPDATED: The 2017 Global Peace Index can be found here. The Czech Republic has once again come in at no. 6 on that list.

Last year, we reported that the Czech Republic had entered the realm of the world’s top 10 safest nations according to the Global Peace Index, an annual study of the world’s most peaceful countries. 

The Index determines the peacefulness of 163 of the world’s nations according to a variety of factors, including the number of external and internal conflicts fought, terrorist activity, relations with neighboring countries, and the level of violent crime.

And this year, the Czech Republic has moved up four positions to rate as the sixth most peaceful nation in the latest version of the study, which was released yesterday.

These are the world’s 10 safest countries according to the 2016 Global Peace Index:

  • 1. Iceland
  • 2. Denmark
  • 3. Austria
  • 4. New Zealand
  • 5. Portugal
  • 6. Czech Republic
  • 7. Switzerland
  • 8. Canada
  • 9. Japan
  • 10. Slovenia
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The Czech Republic moves ahead of Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and Finland in these rankings, while Portugal and Slovenia are new additions to the top 10.

France and the UK come in at 46 and 47, respectively. The USA, meanwhile, has dropped out of the top 100 in the latest Index, coming in at 103 in 2016.

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The world’s least safe countries? Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, and Syria round out the bottom of the list.

The 2016 Global Peace Index can be downloaded here.

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