Czech Republic Ranked Among Top 10 Expat Destinations

Czech Republic Ranked Among Top 10 Expat Destinations

Where’s the best place for expats to live?

For the past three years, Expat Insider, billed as one of “the largest expat surveys worldwide,” has surveyed thousands of respondents from 191 countries across the globe.

Six key Indexes are considered in measuring the top expat destinations: Quality of Life, Ease of Settling In, Working Abroad, Family Life, Cost of Living, and Personal Finance.

The top expat destination in 2016 may surprise you: Taiwan, which overtakes the previous year’s winner, Ecuador, as the #1 place to live. Malta comes in at #2, while Ecuador drops down to #3.

In 2015, the Czech Republic came in at 22 among the countries surveyed with enough data to qualify for the rankings.

This year, however, the country is one of the survey’s “biggest winners”, moving up 12 positions to edge into the top 10:

The Czech Republic fared best in the Family Life Index, coming in at #2 behind Finland. Availability and costs of childcare and education, quality of education, and family well-being were considered in these rankings.

In the Quality of Life Index, which measured leisure options, personal happiness, travel and transport, health & well-being, and safety & security, the Czech Republic came in at #7.

The country also fared well in the Working Abroad Index (job & career, work-life balance, and job security), coming in at #9. 

In Cost of Living, the Czech Republic was also rated #9, while it came in at #27 in Personal Finance.

But in the Ease of Settling In index, which rated each country according to friendliness, language, feeling welcome, and finding friends, the Czech Republic came in way down at #57.

The full Expat Insider report can be downloaded here.

Dave Park

David Park was born and raised in Baltimore and has been living in the Czech Republic since 2009 after studying journalism in Prague. No stranger to controversial topics, feel free to comment on his articles and let him know how you *really* feel.

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