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Czech Republic ranked among world’s top 10 ethical countries

The new Travel Morality Index rates Germany as the world’s most-ethical country to visit, while the Czech Republic comes in at #9

What are the world’s most most ethical countries? Which global destinations best support human rights and equalities, animal welfare, and other moral standards?

In an effort to identify which countries are most worth spending your tourist cash on – e.g., in which countries a traveller’s money will, theoretically, trickle down to supporting good causes – travel brand The Latin American Travel Company has created a Travel Morality Index that ranks destinations across the globe based on their ethical standards.

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The Travel Morality Index ranks more than 100 countries according to six main criteria: Human Rights Protection Score, Animal Welfare, Gender Equality, Workers’ Rights, Global Peace Index, and Positive Wellbeing.

And after totalling these scores, the Czech Republic just happens to crack the top 10 list of the world’s most ethical countries.

The Czech Republic rated best in the Global Peace Index at #8; the country has rated as high as #6 in the GPI in recent years.

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The Czech Republic also rated high in the Human Protection Rights score (12), Animal Welfare (13), Positive Wellbeing (21), and Workers’ Rights (22).

Gender Equality was the lowest-rated criteria for the Czech Republic, but the country still ranked 26th overall.

Germany, meanwhile, topped the list of the world’s most ethical destinations for travellers with high marks in almost every category (though the Czech Republic topped its neighbor in the Global Peace Index); Austria, Iceland, Netherland, and New Zealand rounded out the top five.

European destinations dominated the top ten most ethical countries according to the Travel Morality Index, with Belgium, Finland, and Denmark also featuring in the top 10; Canada rated #6.

Some surprised in the list included Estonia, which topped Japan and Norway at #14, and Chile, which bested the United States at #20.

The United Kingdom did not rate among the world’s top 25 most ethical countries, coming in at #27 on the list.

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And while Germany and Austria ranked among the top 5 most ethical countries, the Czech Republic’s other neighbors didn’t fare quite as well; Slovakia came in at #34 on the list, and Poland was #46.

These are the world’s top 25 countries according to the Travel Morality Index:

  1. Germany
  2. Austria
  3. Iceland
  4. Netherlands
  5. New Zealand
  6. Canada
  7. Belgium
  8. Finland
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Denmark
  11. France
  12. Ireland
  13. Australia
  14. Estonia
  15. Japan
  16. Norway
  17. Slovenia
  18. Croatia
  19. Italy
  20. Chile
  21. United States
  22. Lithuania
  23. Qatar
  24. Latvia
  25. Portugal

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