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Czech Republic reports 2,669 coronavirus cases, 13 fatalities

Another two people with COVID-19 have died in the Czech Republic, and the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases has risen to 2,669

Prague, March 29 (CTK) – Another two people with COVID-19 have died in the Czech Republic, so the number of fatalities totalled 13 today, and 2,669 confirmed coronavirus infection cases were recorded this morning, their number rose by 262 on Saturday, according to the data from the Health Ministry’s website.

The number of the recovered patients remains the same, 11.

The ministry announced the previous two deaths on Saturday without elaborating. Before the weekend, the ministry reported two fatalities on Thursday when two women with COVID-19 from a Prague senior home died after a short hospitalisation.

Exactly the elderly are the group that is the most threatened with the coronavirus infection. I has already appeared in at least seven senior homes in the Czech Republic.

The daily number of the new coronavirus cases was lower on Saturday than on Friday with the so far highest daily increase by 373. The second highest daily rise was on Wednesday (291).

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The number of tests for the novel coronavirus has been rising in the past days, too. On Friday, healthcare staff carried out 5,247 tests, that is some 800 more than a day before. However, their number dropped on Saturday by some 900 day-by-day to 4,326. About 40,700 coronavirus tests have been made in the country so far.

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The Czech Republic reported the first three COVID-19 patients on March 1.

Four-fifths of the patients got infected with the novel coronavirus in the Czech Republic, one fifth abroad, predominantly in Italy and Austria.

The far highest number of the confirmed coronavirus cases of all Czech regions is registered in Prague, more than 730, the Health Ministry says on its website. The capital is followed by the Central Bohemia Region with 350 cases and Moravia-Silesia with 280 cases.

In the world, the highest number of the confirmed novel coronavirus infection cases is in the United States. According to the data of the Johns Hopkins University, monitoring the pandemic developments, their number has exceeded 121,000 in the USA, while more than 2,000 have died. It is followed by Italy that has the most fatalities, though, more than 10,000. The third highest incidence is in China, where the virus comes from, almost 82,000 and some 3,300 fatalities. The first cases appeared there at the end of last year.

Daily numbers of tested samples and people tested positive for coronavirus in Czechia in past week:

Date: Daily number of performed tests (Daily number of confirmed cases):

March 21: 1,880 (158)
March 22: 1,793 (114)
March 23: 2,247 (126)
March 24: 2,976 (185)
March 25: 4,098 (291)
March 26: 4,429 (259)
March 27: 5,247 (373)
March 28: 4,326 (262)

Source: Health Ministry

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