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Czech Republic reports 45 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday; total of 4,900 recoveries, 284 deaths

The number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic has reached 8,223 in total (45 new on Tuesday), while almost 4,900 people with COVID-19 have recovered

Prague, May 13 (CTK) – The number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic has reached 8,223 in total (45 new on Tuesday), while almost 4,900 people with COVID-19 have recovered and 284 have died so far, according to data released on the Health Ministry’s website this morning.

Since the beginning of May, the daily numbers of new COVID-19 cases has been under 100. Last time, it was over 100 on April 30, since then it has been fewer than 80 a day.

The number of recovered keeps rising steeply.

Two COVID-19 patients died on Tuesday.

This morning, 230 were hospitalised, 43 in serious condition. The number of the hospitalised with COVID-19 has been dropping and since Last Friday, it has been under 250.

On Tuesday, 8,321 coronavirus tests were performed, a similar figure as on other weekdays, proving the infection in 0.5 percent of the tested. This figure has been under 1 percent for quite long.

Laboratories have so far performed almost 327,000 coronavirus tests in the country, including repeated ones in the same person.

After deducting the COVID-19 recovered and dead from the confirmed coronavirus cases, there are 3,040 currently ill with COVID-19 in the Czech Republic, and their number is steadily decreasing.

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The highest coronavirus incidence is still in the capital of Prague, 1,887 cases, followed by Moravia-Silesia with 1,150 cases.

If counted per population, the worst situation is in the Karlovy Vary Region with almost 147 infected per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Prague and the Olomouc Region. The best situation is in South Bohemia since there are some 28 infected per 100,000 inhabitants.

For about a month, only a few patients with COVID-19 have died in Czechia. One died on Monday and Tuesday each. The first fatality in the country was recorded on March 22. The highest death toll, 14, was on April 8. No one with COVID-19 died in Czech hospitals on April 15 and March 23 only.

Prague has the highest number of COVID-19-related deaths, 93, while 44 died in Moravia-Silesia. The lowest death toll, just one fatality, is in the Zlin Region.

Most fatalities were seniors who suffered from other serious health troubles before getting infected with COVID-19. A total of 254 over 65 years died. The youngest victims were in the age group from 25 to 34.

Thanks to the improvement of the epidemiological situation with COVID-19 in the country, the government is gradually lifting the anti-coronavirus lockdown, restricting free movement, travelling abroad, gathering, business, culture, sport, school education and other activities.

Since May 11, culture, social and sports events with attendance of up to 100 people may take place, including cinema and theatre performances, but the organisers must meet strict sanitary rules. Shopping centres, big shops, restaurant outdoor seating, hairdresser’s and cosmetic studios, museums and galleries, gardens of castles and chateaux and interior sports grounds opened, too.

As of May 25, another wave of lifting the restrictions is planned, including the wearing of face masks or any other nose and mouth cover in public that will no longer be obligatory outdoors.

Daily numbers of tests, positive result rise in past week:

Date: Number of tests (Newly confirmed cases of infection)
May 5: 9,427 (77)
May 6: 8,237 (78)
May 7: 7,344 (57)
May 8: 4,557 (46)
May 9: 3,782 (18)
May 10: 4,042 (28)
May 11: 7,537 (53)
May 12: 8,321 (45)

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