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Czech Republic reports 7th coronavirus recovery, a Japanese man in Olomouc

A Japanese man living in Olomouc, the first confirmed coronavirus case in the region, was released from hospital today

Olomouc, Central Moravia, March 23 (CTK) – A Japanese man, living in Olomouc, the first confirmed coronavirus case in the Olomouc Region, was released from the Prostejov hospital’s infection ward fully recovered this afternoon, the hospital announced today.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the region has increased from 85 to 97, the regional office said this afternoon.

A Japanese man left the infectious diseases ward of the Prostejov hospital today after his tests ruled out the COVID-19 infection in him, hospital spokeswoman Radka Milosevska said.

The coronavirus infection was confirmed in his case on March 10.

The Japanese, working in a firm in Prostejov, was on a business trip in Britain and he stayed in Munich for a short time. After returning to the Czech Republic, he was in quarantine from the beginning of March, but due to his worsening symptoms, he eventually contacted a doctor.

“The man was released exactly 14 days since his admission to the isolation ward. He is leaving the hospital healthy,” Milosevska said.

Two tests for the virus gave negative results in his case, she added.

However, the number of the confirmed coronavirus cases has been rising in the region.

There are 71 confirmed cases, eight more than on Sunday, in the vicinity of the Litovel and Unicov towns that have been closed for a week to curb the coronavirus spread. In the regional capital of Olomouc, the number of coronavirus cases rose from four to eight.

The region has also raised the number of coronavirus testing points.

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