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Czech Republic to give 135 million crowns in aid to prevent illegal migration

The Czech Republic will provide 135 million crowns in aid to the countries from which migrants are heading for Europe and those they are crossing

Prague, Feb 24 (CTK) – Czechia will provide 135 million crowns this year in aid of the countries from which migrants are heading for Europe or which they are crossing to help prevent illegal migration, based on the Interior Ministry concept that the cabinet approved today, its press section has told CTK.

The aim of the financial aid is to tackle the problems with illegal migration before the migrants reach the Schengen Area.

The Interior Ministry has set as the first priority the aid to North Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia, situated on the Balkan migration route. The ministry points out that the number of migrants along this route and the eastern Mediterranean route increased by 53 percent last year.

The Czech contribution of 50 million crowns should help the afflicted countries get a better equipment to fight illegal migration and people smugglers.

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Further 50 million crowns are to go to Jordan and Libya to improve the situation in refugee camps in these countries. In Jordan, the money is to secure a better education of Syrian refugees.

If the situation in these countries, such as Jordan and Libya, improved, the refugees would be less motivated to go to Europe, the Interior Ministry argues.

Its concept also plans to earmark 35 million crowns for extraordinary situations. The decision on the money allocation would be made during the year, depending on the current development of illegal migration.

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