Czech Republic to Leave EU?

The country could follow Britain out of the European Union with a "Czexit", says The Telegraph

On June 23, citizens of the United Kingdom will vote on an EU referendum to determine if the country should stay in European Union. UK membership has been a contentious issue since joining in the early 1970s, with opponents arguing that it undermines the nation’s Parliamentary sovereignty.

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The “Brexit,” as it has been dubbed, could have serious ramifications not just for the UK, but for the rest of the Union as well.

And amidst these concerns, a Czexit could soon be on the horizon, reports The Telegraph, quoting Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. 

“Czech Republic ‘will follow Britain out of EU’,” reads a headline on their website this morning.

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Sobotka was recently in the UK to meet with counterpart David Cameron. The pair were even photographed sharing a beer.

“If Britain leaves the EU, we can expect debates about leaving the EU in a few years too,” he was quoted as saying.

But like Cameron, the Czech Prime minister would be opposed to leaving the EU.

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“The impact may be really huge,” he added. “[It] would be an absolute negation of the developments after 1989.”

Still, the majority of Czechs may not agree with him. According to public opinion polls conducted in October and reported by The Telegraph, three-fifths of Czech are unhappy with EU membership, and 62% said they would vote against it in a referendum.

Amidst growing concerns over Europe’s migrant crisis, that number might be even higher today. 

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