Czech School Bans Mobile Phones

An elementary school in Mladé Buky has come up with a unique solution for dealing with students glued to their mobiles during the school day

In most schools around the world – from kindergartens to college classrooms – use of phones and other mobile devices is strictly a no-no. Teachers might reprimand students caught on their cells during class, or even confiscate the device until the lesson is over.

But what about that time in-between classes? While recess might have meant sports and socializing (you know, in person) some years ago, now it’s not so uncommon to see playgrounds full of children glued to touchscreens.

It’s something that teachers in Mladé Buky, a small town near Trutnov in the Hradec Králové region, have also noticed.

And they’ve taken an unusual step to change the situation, according to ČT24

Every morning, students at Mladé Buky’s elementary school (ZŠ Mladé Buky) are required to surrender their phones to teachers. The phones are kept in baskets and stored in a staff room closet.

Only at the end of the school day are the mobile devices returned to the students.

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The procedure was signed off by each pupil’s guardians, and incorporated into school code. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there were no objections from parents.

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In video captured by Česká televise, students are now seen shooting hoops and playing cards during recess.

Strange times, indeed.

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