Czech scientist contributed to anti-HIV drug Truvada

Anti-HIV pill recommended for approval

An expert advisory panel to the US Food and Drug Administration recommended approval of Truvada, an anti-HIV pill, also for prevention of the disease.

The panel suggested Truvada for certain groups of people exposed to increased risk of contracting HIV.

The panel’s opinion is not binding for the final verdict of the Food and Drug Administration.
Truvada has been used to treat HIV disease since 2004.

The drug is produced by pharma outfit Gilead Sciences which used the outcome of the research conducted by Czech scientist Antonin Holy.

Until 2002, Holy was in charge of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The department cooperated with Gilead Sciences on the development of the drug.

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In 2008, Antonin Holy was awarded a Honorary Professorship at the University of Manchester.

Some have warned against the drug’s approval though. For example, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation campaigns against Truvada.

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Critics argue that its approval could create a false feeling of safety for its users, and it could drain finances away from more effective treatments.

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