VIDEO: Czech Talent Show Trampoline Act Goes Viral

VIDEO: Czech Talent Show Trampoline Act Goes Viral

This season’s Česko Slovensko má talent – the local Czech take on Britain’s Got Talent – is currently in full swing, but it’s a video from last year that has been making waves online recently.

It’s a clip from the sixth episode of last season’s show that features Russian trampoline artist Vladimir Georgievsky and a pratfalling routine that seems inspired by silent comedians.

During the routine, Georgievsky is seen “accidentally” falling about the stage and a ladder before bounding atop a large trampoline.

On the Arabic Facebook page Cliphay18, a low-quality version of the video has more than 9 million views and 200,000 shares since being posted earlier this week.

Here’s the original video from the official Česko Slovensko má talent YouTube channel:

Georgievsky was originally a performer with the Moscow State Circus, but he emigrated to the UK in the 1990s after meeting his future wife in Swansea.

This wasn’t his first talent show go-around. Earlier in 2015, he performed the same routine on Britain’s Got Talent.

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