Czech Tourists Named World’s Happiest

Online reviewers from the Czech Republic leave the highest percentage of positive feedback for tour services, says new study

Billed as the “world’s largest selection of things to do,” the website Get Your Guide offers booking for guided tours in destinations across the globe, and has built up an extensive database of reviews from travellers of varied nationalities for such services.

A recent blog post on the Get Your Guide website titled “Who are the World’s Happiest Travelers?” examined the star ratings for the website’s services left by tourists from the 50 countries with the most data. They led to some surprising results. 

Who are the world’s happiest tourists? Apparently, Czechs: they leave the highest percentage of positive reviews for tour services out of the 50 countries examined. 92.3% of reviews from Czechs were either 4- or 5-star.

It’s not just the Czechs: reviewers from Central and Eastern European countries seem to leave the most number of positive reviews, with Russia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Austria, and Germany also ranking in the top 10. All 10 of the “happiest countries” are in Europe.

The UK came in at number 10 with 86.5% positive reviews, while the US ranked slightly lower, leaving 83% positive reviews.

Who are the world’s unhappiest tourists? South Koreans leave the highest number of negative reviews (1- and 2-star), at an 18.5% clip, along with 27%

Tourists from Asian and Central & South American countries topped the chart of most-negative online reviewers.

Of course, the reviews on the Get Your Guide website only represent a tiny fraction of all those across the net. Are Czechs really the happiest online reviewers?

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