Czech Trump Supporter Credited with Swinging Election

Zdeněk Gažda, who filmed Hilary Clinton fainting outside a 9/11 event in New York, has received waves of support for his impact on the election

When Zdeněk Gažda, a Moravian expat who has been living in New York for more than two decades, posted video of Hilary Clinton stumbling outside a 9/11 remembrance ceremony to Twitter, he had no idea of the impact it would have. 

Mrs. Clinton’s health had already been a contentious talking point for Donald Trump, and the brief video – which the Democrat’s team blamed on pneumonia – added some visual fuel to the fire.

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Now, Gažda is being credited with being one of the key ingredients in Trump’s decisive victory, with Twitter users giving him plenty of thanks.

Yesterday, Gažda gave his very first interview with US media, speaking to Newsweek, who calls him “the Czech Donald Trump supporter whose 9/11 video likely swayed the election.”

A former firefighter in the Czech Republic, Gažda attends the memorial for first responders in New York every year. This year, he was on hand with camera and decided to start filming when Clinton was outside waiting for her car.

“After a couple of seconds, I see she is shaking, and she has a problem [standing], and a couple of guys hold her,” he told Newsweek.

“I got a little scared because I see what’s going on, and I turn off the video, but still I’m watching.”

While Gažda was initially reported to be a Clinton supporter, his recent Twitter activity tells a much different story. 

The Czech expat has reportedly made around $100,000 after licensing the video to news outlets through Storyful.

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