Czech Villagers Swim with Corpse

Czech Villagers Swim with Corpse

Swimmers and sunbathers in the Czech town of Otrokovice were in for an unpleasant surprise on Saturday when a corpse was discovered floating in lake.

But that’s nothing that should get in the way of a sunny day. After police had covered the body with a tarp – which still left an arm sticking out – lakegoers in the Zlín region continued to go about their business as if nothing were wrong.

Children were seen playing in the water only meters away from the corpse, while others walked alongside the lakefront in front of the floating body. Police, while on the scene, did not intervene until the corpse was removed from the lake.

The bizarre story was picked up by most local media outlets, many wondering how the families, many with young children, could stay in the vicinity – and why the police did not remove them.

The corpse was then left on the beach for two hours, according to Blesk. After a coroner’s examination on the scene, it was another two hours before the body was removed.

iDnes writes that an investigation into police protocol surrounding the event is forthcoming.

According to Aha! Online, some swimmers and sunbathers thought the corpse was a carp. reports that others initially thought the corpse was a mannequin.

The body was that of a homeless man who went swimming with others the night before. After he wasn’t found ashore, his friends collected his belongings and returned to the town.

This video from TV station Prima covers the story:

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