A yellow Labrador enjoys a sunrise walk on Prague's Charles Bridge

Czech’s best friend: Two-fifths of all Czech households have a dog

Prague, Oct 22 (CTK) – Two fifths of Czech households have a dog and young people from villages are the typical dog owners, a poll that the STEM/MARK agency conducted on Internet respondents aged from 15 to 59 in September has shown.

People usually own one dog, only one out of five dog owners has more dogs. People living in houses or large flats have more dogs more often than others. People with higher incomes tend to own more dogs, while owning a single dog is not related to the household’s income.

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Half of dog owners have a medium sized dog, which is one that weighs 6-24 kilogrammes, followed by large breeds (25 to 40 kg), small breed and giant dogs.

About 40 percent of dog owners let the dog lie in their bed and for small breeds this is a privilege. People from Prague, those living in small flats and those who have a dog because they live alone tend to let the dog lie in bed more often.

Nearly two thirds of dog owners let the dog lie in an armchair or another piece of furniture.

Three fourths of the owners have a pet bed for the dog indoors, one third of them have a kennel in the garden for the dog. Half of the owners said the dog can run around a garden.

More than half of people who have dogs live in a village.

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