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Czechs evacuated from China confirmed to be free from coronavirus

The five Czechs who arrived from China two weeks ago and were tested for coronavirus have left quarantine this morning
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Prague, Feb 17 (CTK) – The five Czechs who arrived from China two weeks ago and were tested for coronavirus left the Prague Na Bulovce hospital this morning as repeated tests confirmed they do not suffer from the disease, the chief surgeon of the infectious diseases clinic, Hana Rohacova, told CTK today.

Doctors do not expect the released patients to have any complications. They did not have any health problems when hospitalised, Rohacova said.

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“We were lucky that these were young, intelligent, resilient people,” Prague sanitary station director Zdenka Jagrova said.

Pictured: a Czech citizen returning from Wuhan is escorted to a quarantine zone.

Jagrova said there was no problem with the five Czechs who had undergone the quarantine without any protests.

All the time, they could not go out, but they had separate rooms and could communicate with their families, Rohacova said.

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So far, 77 people have been tested for the coronavirus in the Czech Republic, but all the tests have been negative, Health Minister Adam Vojtech (for ANO) told journalists.

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