Czechs Exposed to Fewer Ads, Finds Study

A new study reveals how many advertisements an average person is exposed to every day in countries across the globe

In Singapore, citizens are exposed to a whopping 363 advertisements per day. In India, the average is closer to eight.

A new study by market research firm ZenithOptimedia measured the number of advertisements an average person is exposed to by analyzing advertising expenditure, cost of ads per impressions, and adult populations in countries across the globe, reports 

The Czech Republic, perhaps surprisingly, comes in towards the bottom of the list, at 34th out of the 41 countries studied.

The average Czech resident is exposed to a mere 36.5 advertisements per day.

Compare that to neighboring countries like Slovakia (45 ads), Poland (70 ads), Austria (72 ads) and Germany (131 ads), and it seems that Czech residents are spared at least some of the excessive advertising that plagues the Western world.

The majority of those advertisements come through television, at 16 ads per day, and the internet, with 13 ads per day.

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If you’re reading this article, you might even be unwittingly looking at an advertisement right now.

After Singapore’s high total, the United States (267 ads), United Kingdom (231 ads), Norway (192 ads) and Bulgaria (a surprising 165 ads) round out the top five most ad-exposed countries. 

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