Daredevil Bikes Down Czech Bobsled Track

VIDEO: Richard Gasperotti races down a Czech town’s abandoned luge for K!LL H!LL

A 1km-long concrete bobsled track built in 1975 in the Czech town of Klášterec nad Ohří is (mostly) abandoned today, overgrown with moss and covered in leaves.

But that didn’t stop daredevil Richard Gasperotti from piloting down his bike the track at nerve-wracking speeds.

A breathtaking video titled K!LL H!LL posted to Vimeo last week records the impressive race down:

The video was shot with a series of cameras mounted to points along the track, an overhead drone, and a GoPro Epic Mount from the biker’s helmet.

Gasperotti, known as “Gaspi”, documented his journey, complete with some beautiful B&W photos, in a revealing article for Pinkbike.

You can check out more of Gaspi’s videos at his Vimeo account here.

Video credits: Milos Stafek – photographer / Big Gaspi – technical support / Gaspi – clown / Marty Smolik Muffin movie – cameraman

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