Discounted Opencard Passes Available Tomorrow

Save 1000 CZK on the annual public transport pass; also: parents ride for free

Earlier this year, the city of Prague announced that the price of the annual public transport ticket would be reduced from 4750 CZK to 3650 CZK – a tidy savings of 1100 CZK – for annual passes purchased from July 1, 2015.

The discounted yearly passes are an effort by the city to increase sales, giving non-pass-holders a reason to purchase or transfering customers from monthly or quarterly passes to the yearly pass.

Starting Wednesday, June 17, the discounted pass will be available for purchase online and in person.  The discounted price is only valid for packages starting July 1, 2015 and later.

For those who have already purchased annual passes covering 2015, no compensation will be offered for the reduced prices.

The discounted annual price is not the only new regulation for public transport in Prague, reports

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From July 1, parents with children under 3 years of age will be able to ride for free. A special certificate, “Children under 3,” will be required and applies for one parent riding with the child.

Tickets for dogs – which currently (officially) need to pay 16 CZK to travel by public transport – will also be scrapped. From July 1, dogs will ride for free.

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