Dm Drugstore to Launch On-Line Shopping in the Czech Republic

A favorite among the expat community for cosmetics and organic food should soon get an e-shop
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UPDATE: From February 13, DM launched its online service in the Czech Republic with some 11,000 available to internet shoppers.

Not only is Dm drugstore a go-to place for stocking up on everything from shampoo to sunscreen, for many quality-conscious expats, its wide selection of dried goods and organic groceries are a household staple.

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Those who rely on the retailer’s multi-grain rice or baking chocolate may soon be able to order those items from the comfort and convenience of a keyboard.

The network of stores—the chain operates 223 shops in the Czech Republic—has grown, say market analysts, as have revenues this year; a company spokesperson announced an anticipated investment of 220 million CZK on the Czech market in 2017, a portion of which will reportedly go into developing the on-line shopping experience.

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After a successful testing phase the Dm e-shop should launch in approximately a year, according to

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Top sellers for the brand in the Czech Republic are its selection of gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free products as well as its line of sports nutrition and organic products. The company reported a growing interest in organic baby food and cosmetics for men last year.

The company is a subsidiary of Dm drogerie markt GmbH Austria. The chain opened its first store in the Czech Republic in the České Budějovice in 1993.

Tip: Visit Health for more health & wellness resources in Prague & the Czech Republic!

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