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Dozens of bats released in Prague’s Stromovka Park

A colony of bats rescued from an apartment building last year have been released into the wilds of the spacious Prague 7 park

If you’re find yourself in spacious Prague 7 park Stromovka after the sun goes down, keep an eye out for the nocturnal wildlife.

A large colony of bats discovered in an Prague apartment building during reconstruction last year have been released into the wilds of the Czech capital’s Stromovka Park on Thursday afternoon, reports

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The bats were discovered in a ventilation shaft of a Prague 5 apartment by the Vltava river last year when the building’s owners were preparing reconstruction.

A total of 74 bats were collected by members of Prague’s Animal Rescue Station (Záchranné stanice hlavního města Prahy), who housed the bats in their indoor facilities during the winter months.

On Thursday, 52 of those bats were released into Stromovka Park in Prague 7, one of the Czech capital’s most spacious parks.

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“Twenty protected animals were treated with minor injuries and provided intensive care to get back to good condition,” Petra Fišerová, spokesperson for the Forests of the City of Prague (Lesy hl. m. Prahy), told iDnes.

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“We did not select Stromovka randomly for launch. Several surveys have confirmed that this is a suitable location for these flying mammals. There are up to nine bat species living here, the most common are pipistrelles and noctules.”

In Stromovka, the bats dwell both in natural shelters provided by the park’s trees along with special man-made “bat boxes” erected by the city to provide them extra protection.

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