Drunk Cop Crashes Into 51 Parked Cars in Prague

A police officer under the influence had a bad afternoon yesterday in the Czech capital’s Vinohrady district

Shortly after 16:30 on Tuesday afternoon, police in Prague 2 were alerted to reports of a reckless driver on Šumavská street in Prague 2.

Responding officers quickly stopped the Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee a few blocks away on Machova street, but not before significant damage was done: a total of 51 parked cars had already been hit and damaged.

The culprit? A police academy instructor identified in press reports as 45-year-old Karel Kadlec.

The alleged perpetrator refused to identify himself or take a breathalyzer test upon being stopped.

Upon medical examination later, blood work confirmed he had been driving under the influence, with a BAC of .1%. The Czech Republic has a zero tolerance policy towards drunk driving.

Last year, the officer was involved in another drunk driving accident, according to a tweet from Interior Minister Milan Chovanec. This time, he was also driving with expired insurance. 

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The officer has been on leave from the force since last year’s accident, but is still technically identified as an employee of the Prague police department. 

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According to eyewitness accounts, some vehicles were rammed multiple times, seemingly on purpose, writes Novinky.cz.

After contacting 21 of the vehicle owners, the initial damage is reported to be in the range of 2 million CZK, reports iDnes.cz. That number is likely to exceed 5 million CZK when all damages are totaled.

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