Endangered Black Rhino Born at Dvůr Králové Zoo

On Thursday, June 9, the Czech zoo welcomed a baby black rhinoceros, a species that is classified as critically endangered

Dvůr Králové Zoo is currently responsible for the last three northern white rhinoceroses in the world, who had lived in the Czech Republic but were moved to Kenya in 2009.

The Zoo, which specializes in African species, also has a number of black rhinoceroses, a species that is currently classified as critically endangered.

And now, they have one more: on Thursday, June 9, female black rhino Jasmine – who was born at the Zoo six years ago – gave birth to a healthy baby.

The father, Dave, is on loan from Zoo Krefeld in Germany. He’s sired 10 children, three at Dvůr Králové Zoo.

The newborn becomes the 16th of his species at the Zoo, and there are more on the way: two of the Zoo’s other females are currently pregnant.

Earlier today, the Zoo posted video of the birth to their YouTube channel:

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