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Endangered Rothschild’s giraffe born at Prague Zoo

A giraffe of the severely endangered species was born at Prague Zoo on January 25, the venue revealed via social media

If you’re headed to Prague Zoo in the coming weeks, be sure to check out the African Pavillon, which welcomed a brand new addition last Friday.

On January 25, a female Rothschild’s giraffe was born to parents Faraa from Switzerland and Johan from the Netherlands, two of Prague Zoo’s most popular residents.

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Yesterday, the Zoo revealed the birth of the giraffe via photos posted to social media:

The Rothschild’s giraffe is one of the world’s endangered species of giraffe, with approximately 1669 existing in the wild according to a 2016 estimate.

According to Prague Zoo breeders, the new giraffe is doing well, and was able to integrate with her herd on Tuesday morning.

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Today, the Zoo posted video of the newborn giraffe with her herd on YouTube:

Because she didn’t seem camera-shy, the giraffe has been given the nickname “Modelka” (‘Model’) by breeders. Next month, however, she will be officially named in accordance with Prague Zoo policy.

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The new giraffe will be officially named during a baptism ceremony on February 17, which members of the public are cordially invited to attend.

According to recent ratings from TripAdvisor, Prague Zoo has been named among the top 5 zoos in the world.

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