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Civic Democrats win in a landslide...

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Prague – The official winner of the European parliament elections is the Civic Democratic party (ODS) that has bounced back from being voted down by the Social Democrats (ČSSD) in March.

But the defeat of other parties gaining more than in the 2004 polls can be consider as less bitter.

Former PM Mirek Topolánek-led party won 30.8 percent of the vote, which translated into 9 seats in the EP. It is also an 8 percent lead to 22.9 that went to the ČSSD.

But ČSSD cannot be disappointed. The increase of the euro-parliament seats from 2 to 7 is seen by many as a victory, too.

Despite the fall in the vote from 9.6 percent to 7.8 percent, the Christian Democrats emerged as the other winner with one more additional seat.

The fourth party in the former ruling coalition – the Greens – fell short of the needed 5 percent of the vote. The 1.6 gain indicates the party lost popularity due to internal bickering.

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The unreformed Communist Party lost two seats by winning 14.5 percent of the vote compared to the 20.3 percent which won in the 2004 polls.

Unlike in other European countries, the Czechs did not vote for the far right. The Workers’ Party gained 1.1 percent which entitles them to a state subsidy of 30 CZK per a vote but did not get them close to the needed 5 percent. The far-right National Party and Republicans together were voted by less than 1 percent of the Czechs.

The 2009 EU poll turnout was 28.22 percent of the Czech electorate, which almost equals to the 2004 EP balloting – 28.32 percent.

The turnout continentwide was the lowest ever since direct EP elections started thirty years ago with Slovakia getting the lowest score for the second time in a row.

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