Experience a traditional Czech pig-slaughter feast in Prague this weekend

This Saturday sees a number of traditional pig-sticking feasts taking place in Prague

In the days leading up to and during the Czech masopust (Mardi Gras) season, a number of zabijačky, or pig slaughter feasts, will be getting underway in Prague and throughout the villages of Bohemia and Moravia.

While the practice of slaughtering a pig in the name of producing a smorgasbord of snout-to-tail delicacies  — plus something for the lean winter months — is said to be a disappearing folk custom thanks to EU regulation, many Czechs still see the pig slaughter as a special occasion.

Today the initial slaughter is commonly performed by a butcher with locals gathering to process enough blood sausages (jitrnice), blood soup (prdelačka), lard (škvarky), head cheese (tlačenka), and other products to make a meat lover salivate (or a vegetarian’s toes curl)

A favorite theme of beloved Czech illustrator Josef Lada, the zabijačka typically ended on Ash Wednesday.

Here in Prague, you can participate in a number of pig slaughter festivities, with or without getting blood on your hands:

National Museum of Agriculture

This Letná museum will be transformed into an old Bohemian slaughterhouse where visitors can not only taste the pig specialities but observe traditional butchering techniques and pork processing methods at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. Slaughtering will take place in the museum yard while the main building will host a museum pub and tasting area.

The twelfth-annual edition of this popular annual zabijačka will also offer a workshop where participants can make sausage by hand and an accompanying program for kids with theater and arts and craft.

January 26; see event listing here.


The courtyard of this cozy family restaurant in Prague 5 is the perfect place to experience a pig slaughter with a village feel. Try typical zabijačka fare or goulash with hot wine and punch.

January 26; see event listing here.

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On a wood-burning fire, butchers from the recently opened Kuchyň, a home-cooking restaurant at Prague Castle, will “prepare the slaughterhouse exactly as it should be at the Castle — royal, traditional, and rich.” A 498-CZK ticket buys you all the pork byproducts you can handle.

January 26; see event listing here.

Hostivar H2

Master butcher and head chef of this popular microbrewery and bakery will preside over a festive all-you-can-eat (350 CZK) menu of sausages and goulash, which should perfectly pair with its tasty range of taps.

January 26; see event listing here.

Pilsner Urquell Brewery

For those who want to hit the road in the name of combining pivo and pork, the courtyard of the legendary Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery in Plzeň will be serving up jitrnice, jelítka, tlačenky, and goulash alongside freshly brewed Pilsner Urquell.

February 9; see event listing here.

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