“Extreme” heat wave to scorch Prague this week, with temperatures exceeding 35°C
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“Extreme” heat wave to scorch Prague this week, with temperatures exceeding 35°C

A heat wave is forecast to hit many areas of Europe this week, and central areas of the Czech Republic will also be affected.

Temperatures exceeding 35°C are expected in Prague and other areas of the Central Bohemian region of the Czech Republic over the next five days, as the country braces for extreme heat during the final week of June.

“A period of rain and thunderstorms in numerous areas of the Czech Republic, occasionally accompanied by torrential rain, ended on Sunday,” CHMI meteorologist Marjan Sandev reported.

“Conversely, this week will be marked by dry and during some days very warm weather.”

According to the CHMI (Czech Hydrometeorological Institute), there is no weather warning currently in effect for the Czech Republic.

However, the CHMI has issued a preliminary caution of “dangerous phenomena” over the upcoming week, noting that a warning may be issued at some point during the next five days.

While a Monday high in Prague is only forecast to be in the range of 30°C, conditions will quickly change over the subsequent days.

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Highs between 34 and 36°C are forecast for Tuesday through Thursday, with a heat peak expected during Wednesday, for Prague and other areas in the Bohemian regions of the Czech Republic.

Clear and partly cloudy skies are also forecast through Friday, with low-to-no chance of rain.

Occasional showers and thunderstorms are a possibility next weekend, however, just as the Karlovy Vary film festival gets underway.

Follow CHMI for updates and potential weather warnings.

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