Fake Zeman Streaks Through Prague Castle [Video]

New security measures fall short as a man wearing red boxers and a Miloš Zeman mask runs through Castle grounds

Though many attribute the new security measures at Prague Castle to a purportedly increased terrorist threat, some suggest that they have just as much to do with saving officials from the kind of embarrassment they suffered last year.

In September, 2015, art collective Ztohoven erected giant red boxers in place of the Czech flag atop Prague Castle, much to the chagrin of president Miloš Zeman and others. 

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On Tuesday, despite increased measures that have seen the front gate to the Castle close down and lines of tourists reach 200m in length, those red boxers made a re-appearance.

As chronicled on the Facebook page Deníček poker rega, a practical joker wearing red boxers and a Zeman mask ran through Castle grounds at about 16:00. 

The page had event set up a Facebook event, “Jogging with Miloš,” hours before the run. 

According to Facebook posts, the event was part of series of pranks among “poker players” to highlight the absurdity of the new security measures (#HradChallenge).

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“We do not feel that we have outraged the visitors to the Prague Castle,” the page stated.

“In fact, our runner was dressed no worse than what the president wears in his spare time. Tourists took it as an interesting enrichment :-)” It was noted that no complaints were received from either visitors or Castle staff.

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The streaker, though, did have one complaint himself: upon entry to the Castle, guards confiscated a bottle of Becherovka that was intended to be used as a prop.

This isn’t the only hole found in the new security measures at Prague Castle.

In more serious matters, iDnes editors managed to sneak guns and knives onto the Castle grounds earlier this week.

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