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Fifth and sixth coronavirus patients in the Czech Republic recover

Patients in Prague Na Bulovce hospital and Usti nad Labem reported recovery today

Prague, March 21 (CTK) – The sixth patient, hospitalised in the Prague Na Bulovce hospital, has recovered from the novel coronavirus, Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtech tweeted today.

In all, there are 925 confirmed coronavirus cases. No one has died from the COVID-19 disease in the Czech Republic. So far, 13,700 tests have been conducted.

“I was just phoned from the Na Bulovce hospital. We have another cured patient. In all, six persons have been cured,” Vojtech said.

Earlier today, a patient in the Usti nad Labem reported recovery.

The fifth Czech, who was in a hospital in Usti nad Labem, has recovered from the coronavirus infection, Czech Television (CT) said today.

The director of the Usti regional sanitary centre, Lenka Simunkova, said this was a patient from the first wave of the ill from the Decin region.

“It is the first wave of the ill, but he is not part of this family occurrence. He was skiing in Italy, but it was a different trip,” Simunkova said.

The first cases of the novel coronavirus were reported on March 1. A man from Decin, who had been skiing in Italy, was among them.

There are 925 confirmed case. There are no fatalities. Over 13,700 coronavirus tests have been conducted in the Czech Republic.

Three of the cured patients are from Decin and on Friday a woman from Frydek-Mistek, north Moravia, also recovered.

Several patients are in a very serious condition in the hospitals in Prague and Brno.

A doctor from the Kolin hospital in Central Bohemia got infected by the coronavirus. The facility has adopted extraordinary measures. The people who were in the risk contact are undergoing the tests.

There are four nurses infected with the COVID-19 disease in the Thomayer Hospital in Prague-Krc. Two were infected from the patient who is now hospitalised in a serious condition in the General Teaching Hospital in Prague.

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