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Forty-six Czechs returned from abroad with coronavirus over the past week

The number of Czechs who probably returned infected from abroad has reached 65 since the beginning of July

Prague, July 23 (CTK) – Forty-six Czechs probably caught the coronavirus abroad during the week of July 14 to 21, and over one-third of them brought the infection from Austria, the Health Ministry writes on its website today.

The number of Czechs who likely returned from abroad with the illness has reached 65 since the beginning of July. During the same period, more than 2,600 new coronavirus cases were registered in Czechia.

Between July 14 and 21, sixteen Czechs arrived infected from Austria, five from Serbia, and four from Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovakia each.

Three people returned ill from Montenegro and two from Sweden. Coronavirus was also found in one person returning from each of the other eight countries, including Belarus, Egypt, and the USA.

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“The COVID-19 incubation period ranges from two to 14 days, the average being five to six days, but we can also see people in whom the first symptoms appear at the very end of the incubation period. As a result, it is impossible to reliably find out the place and time of the infection,” the Health Ministry writes.

Its previous statistical data showed that 19 Czechs out of those newly diagnosed with COVID-19 got infected abroad from July 1 to 13. Three cases related to Slovakia and the USA each, and two to Britain, Sweden, and Croatia each. People with the infection also arrived from Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Portugal. Hungary, Serbia, and Russia.

Probable places abroad where Czechs contracted COVID-19 on July 14-21:

Number of cases:

Source: Health Ministry’s website

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