Male outdoor urinal toilets in Rotterdam (illustrative image)

Four-man outdoor urinal sparks controversy in Prague

In an effort to combat public urination, city officials are testing public urinals

Prague 1 City Hall has installed mobile urinals in the park in front of Prague’s main railway station, reports Echo 24.

Vrchlického sady , also known as “Sherwood Park”, is a green alley that connects the train station to several tram lines. Tens of thousands of people pass through daily.

According to councilors, the urinals, which allow four individuals to urinate at one time, is intended to prevent public urination on the trees, which is harmful to the greenery and creates a foul odor.

The decision has been met with criticism and plenty of Internet humor (including complaints that the urinals don’t have free wi-fi), though officials defend the move as a necessary one:

“We are aware of the fact that the current solution is not very representative,” acknowledges Prague 1 Councilor Petr Kučera.

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“But the demand for toilets is definitely there and has already been confirmed. 70,000 people go there daily, many men urinate, for example, in trees, creating odors and harming greenery,” he added.

The urinals will remain in the park until the end of May, after which the success of the pilot project will be evaluated and a more aesthetically pleasing device will be placed in the park.

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